Dermatological properties of Vitamin C

Reduces photo-ageing because of high anti-oxidant properties

Solar damage is repaired due to stimulation of new collagen formation and repair of damaged collagen

Hydration levels improved due to reduction of TEWL (Total Epidermal Water Loss)

Reduces inflammation at cellular level.

Protects the skin from environmental aggressions

Treating sun burns (fights pro-inflammatory arachidonic acid)

Reduces hyper pigmentation

Skin radiance and greater clarity by reducing the permeability of the capillaries, fighting the free radicals and improving electron exchange

Highly recommended for smokers and drinkers

Peelings and micro-dermoabrasion very effective combined with vitamin C

Proven results of complete treatment

  • Effectiveness test under medical control
  • Test In-Use: 22 volunteers, 28 days.
  • Treatment: Illuminating Anti-oxidant program  (4tt) + Energising cream or Energising emulsion + Eye contour.

Proven results of 7.5% pure C concentrate

  • Effectiveness test under medical control
  • Test In-Use: 13 volunteers, 15 days. Complete sales unit.

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