Looking like your favorite K-pop celebrity is no longer an unachievable task! Korean celebrities have their signature look of a slim and oval face that narrows down to a small sharp chin. This is popularly known as V shaped or V line face – which can be achieved non surgically and relatively pain free to achieve a Korean looking V shape contour on your face.

Asians find it an attractive shape and refer to it as the “melon seed face” or “Gua Zi Lian” 瓜子脸. Chins have often been thought to be a great indicator of personality with V chins being more feminine and elegant.

This face shape conforms to the rule of thirds for a universally attractive face desirable in both eastern and western cultures.

The rule of thirds, divides the face into three equal portions where the bulk of the lower 1/3rd of the face made up by the chin. Thus the chin plays a central role in facial harmony, beauty and balance.

By enhancing only the chin with a quick and relatively pain free treatment, one can look more attractive and enhances the individual’s appearance in a big and positive way.

To achieve a V shaped face, a single filler injection will be injected at the chin area to elongate the chin. Secondly, a Botox injection at the masseter muscles at the jawline area will reduce the muscle activity and enhances a slimmer facial contour.
The masseter muscles are the one working to help us chew our food, you can feel your masseter muscles by placing your fingers on the jaw and clenching your teeth several times.

Many people think that by chewing gums, one can help to ‘slim down’ the face. This is a common myth as habitual clenching or grinding of our teeth and chewing gums will enlarge our masseter muscles.

Similarly to how working out our biceps will make then grow and become bigger. Botox helps to relax the muscles, thus it shrinks the masseter muscles and reduces the square jaw look.

An ideally proportioned face will be where the length of the lower 1/3rd  face is equal to that of the upper 1/3rd face (forehead).

By reducing the width of the face and lengthening the height, we can achieve a beautiful V shape face safely and effectively without surgery or downtime.

  • Chin augmentation can be done with hyaluronic acid (a naturally occurring component of the extracellular matrix in the face), which is injected into the chin to create the tip of the V.
  • The sides of the V is achieved by facial slimming to create a more defined jaw line. This can be done using botox injections to relax the masseter muscles which will reduce in size over time, reducing the bulk in the cheeks.
  • The overall result will be a more defined jawline and chin giving a more youthful look which usually lasts a year and may be repeated as desired
You can do this treatment as a quick lunch time fix and pop back into the office without anyone knowing. There will probably be a tiny pin mark on injection point. That would subside within a couple of hours. In the first 48 hours, you may feel tightness and achiness at the chin area. You may feel like you have a little golf ball in that area. You should not go for facial treatments that involve massage in 1 week and should not exercise or drink alcohol within 48 hours of the injection.

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