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Belly Fat

Belly Fat Removal: Causes, Types, Treatments, and Prevention

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What is Belly Fat?

Belly fat, or visceral fat, is the fat that accumulates around your midsection, surrounding your internal organs.

Unlike subcutaneous fat, which is found just under the skin, belly fat can significantly affect your health

This fat is not only a cosmetic concern for many people, and it can happen to both male and females.

Understanding Belly Fat

Belly fat is not only a concern for your appearance but also a significant health issue.  

Excess abdominal fat is associated with various health risks, including heart diseases, diabetes, and certain cancers.

This guide provides a detailed insight into belly fat, including its causes, types, and practical strategies for reduction through lifestyle changes, exercise, and alternative treatments.

What are the causes of Belly Fat?

Belly fat accumulates due to a variety of factors, often involving lifestyle choices, hormonal changes, and genetic predispositions.

Understanding these causes can help in developing effective strategies for managing and reducing abdominal fat.

Here are some of the primary factors that contribute to the accumulation of belly fat:

alcohol consumption

Alcohol Consumption

Excessive alcohol intake can cause various health issues, including liver disease and inflammation. It can also lead to weight gain around the belly. Also known as a “beer belly.”



When stressed, the body releases cortisol, a hormone that can lead to weight gain, particularly in the abdominal area. High cortisol levels will increase appetite and cravings for unhealthy foods.



As you age, your metabolism slows down, and changes in hormone levels can lead to an increase in abdominal fat. Additionally, it can reduce the rate at which your body burns calories.

hormonal changes


Menopause can lead to a shift in fat storage from the thighs to the abdomen due to hormone levels & estrogen. It can cause weight gain in both men and women.

poor diet

Diet and Lifestyle

Consuming sugary foods and drink, refined grains can lead to fats in belly. A diet lacking in fiber and rich in calories from any source can contribute to weight gain

lack of exercise

Lack of Exercise

A sedentary lifestyle is a significant factor in gaining excess weight. Without regular exercise, the body tends to store unused calories as fat.

Types of Belly Fat

Understanding the type of belly fat one has is crucial for health assessments and determining the appropriate strategies for fat reduction.

While diet and exercise can help reduce both types of fat, visceral fat is typically more responsive to traditional weight loss methods.

Reducing visceral fat significantly lowers the risk of developing health conditions.

Subcutaneous Fat

Description: This type of fat is located just beneath the skin (subcutaneous tissue) and above the abdominal muscles. It’s the fat you can pinch or grab around your waist.

Health Implications: While subcutaneous fat is more of a cosmetic concern for many people, excessive amounts can still have health implications. However, it is considered less dangerous than visceral fat in terms of metabolic risk factors.

Visceral Fat

Description: Visceral fat is stored deep inside the abdomen, surrounding the internal organs such as the liver, pancreas, and intestines. Also known as “active fat” due to its active role in hormone production and bodily functions.

Health Implications: High levels of visceral fat will increase the risk of serious health conditions, including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, breast cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease. This is due to its location near vital organs.

How to get rid of Belly Fat?

Reducing belly fat is important not just for aesthetic reasons but also for health, as excessive abdominal fat can lead to serious health issues. Here are effective strategies for getting rid of belly fat:

Diet & Exercise

Diet and regular exercise is the traditional and most effective method to reduce fats in belly

✅ Reduce Sugars and Carbs & increase protein & fiber

✅ More Cardiovascular Exercises, strength training, and HIIT training

❌  Take time and effort

 Non Surgical Aesthetic:

Venus Legacy RF and fat freezing are non surgical method to effectively remove fat resistant to diet and exercise

✅ Permanently eliminate up to 30% of fats

✅ Results backed with medical journal

 Can be pricey and requires consistent treatments

Surgery Fat Removal:

Surgical options such liposuction, or abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) may be considered, however it is not advised unless medically required.

✅ Instant Results

❌ Very expensive

❌  Risks of complication & scarring

How to prevent belly fat?

Preventing belly fat is crucial for maintaining good health and avoiding the associated risks such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and certain cancers. Here are strategies to help prevent the accumulation of belly fat:

Maintain a balanced, nutrient-rich diet.

Engage in regular physical activity.

Manage stress through meditation, yoga, or other relaxation techniques.

Ensure adequate, quality sleep each night.

how to prevent belly fat
how to lose belly fat

Treatments on how to lose Belly Fat

Aesthetic slimming treatments offer alternative and supplemental options for individuals looking to reduce belly fat, especially when traditional methods like diet and exercise have not yielded the desired results.

These treatments can vary in their approach, ranging from non-invasive techniques that use cold or heat to reduce fat cells, to minimally invasive procedures.

Here are some popular aesthetic treatments aimed at reducing belly fat:

Fat freezing

Venus Legacy Radiofrequency (RF)

✅ HIFU Body Slim

Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation

It’s important to note that these treatments are not substitutes for a healthy diet and regular exercise. The best candidates for aesthetic slimming treatments are those close to their ideal body weight

Best Belly Fat Removal Treatment

When choosing a belly fat reduction treatment, consider your personal goals, pain tolerance, and willingness to undergo multiple sessions.

fat freeze

Fat Freezing

How it Works

This non-invasive treatment uses controlled cooling to freeze and eliminate fat cells without damaging the surrounding tissue. It is effective for reducing localized fat deposits, including belly fat.


Targeted fat reduction in specific areas.

Amount of Fat Loss

Can reduce 20–25% of fat in the treated area


Minimal to none


Minimal to none


5-6 sessions

Expected Results

Visible results in 1-3 months

Venus Legacy

How it Works

RF treatments use energy waves to heat the deep layer of your skin, which can reduce fat cells and tighten the skin. Popular choice for its dual benefits of fat reduction and skin tightening.


Sin tightening, cellulite reduction, and mild fat reduction.

Amount of Fat Loss

Less dramatic fat reduction and more focused on skin firmness.


No downtime


Minimal to none


Requires 6-8 sessions

Expected Results

Visible results in 1 – 2 months

hifu body

Ultrasonic Cavitation

How it Works

This non-invasive treatment uses ultrasonic waves to break apart fat cells, which are then eliminated by the body’s natural metabolic processes.


Moderate, best for smaller fat deposits and skin tightening.

Amount of Fat Loss

More sessions are required for noticeable fat reduction.


Minimal to none


Mostly painless


 6-12 sessions

Expected Results

Visible results in 2-3 months

ultrasonic cavitation

HIFU Body Slim

How it Works

HIFU body works by delivering focused ultrasound energy to target and heat the fat cells under the skin without harming the surface.


 Fat reduction and skin tightening with thicker fat layers.

Amount of Fat Loss

Significant fat reduction in the targeted area


Minimal to none


Moderate discomfort


1-3 sessions

Expected Results

Visible results can be seen in 2-3 months

Belly Fat Removal Price


Treatment Trial Benefits
Fat Freezing $99 Up to 30% fat loss
Venus Legacy $350 (1 for 1) Mild fat loss and skin tighetning
Cavitation $99 Moderate fat loss for smaller fat deposits
HIFU Body $400 Significant fat loss

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Belly Fat FAQ

how to reduce belly fat

Which treatment is the most effective for fat loss?

Most Effective for Fat Loss: Fat Freeze and HIFU are considered more effective for significant fat reduction.

Least Downtime and Pain: Venus Legacy offers the least downtime and is virtually painless, making it ideal for patients seeking minimal discomfort and recovery.

Sessions and Results: Fat Freeze and HIFU tend to require fewer sessions than Ultrasonic Cavitation and Venus Legacy but are associated with more discomfort.

Results from Fat Freeze and HIFU are more focused on fat reduction, whereas Venus Legacy and Ultrasonic Cavitation emphasize skin texture and firmness improvements.

What is Cryolipolysis and how does it remove belly fat?

Cryolipolysis, commonly known as Coolshaping, is a non-invasive procedure that freezes and destroys fat cells in the belly area. It’s effective for reducing localized fat pockets without the need for surgery.

Can Ultrasonic Cavitation effectively reduce belly fat?

Yes, Ultrasonic Cavitation uses low-frequency ultrasound waves to break down fat cells, which are then naturally eliminated by the body. It’s a non-surgical option for reducing belly fat and improving body contour.

Is HIFU painful and how does it work for belly fat removal?

HIFU for belly fat removal involves using focused ultrasound energy to target and destroy deep layers of fat without damaging the skin. Some discomfort may be experienced during the treatment, but it’s generally well tolerated.

How many sessions of Venus Legacy are needed for visible belly fat reduction?

The number of Venus Legacy sessions required for visible results can vary, typically ranging from 6-8 sessions. The treatment combines radiofrequency and magnetic pulses to reduce fat and improve skin firmness.

How many sessions of Venus Legacy are needed for visible belly fat reduction?

The number of Venus Legacy sessions required for visible results can vary, typically ranging from 6-8 sessions. The treatment combines radiofrequency and magnetic pulses to reduce fat and improve skin firmness.

Are the results of belly fat removal treatments permanent, and what maintenance is needed?

The results can be long-lasting, as the destroyed fat cells are permanently removed. However, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet and regular exercise, is crucial to prevent new fat from accumulating.

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