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Treat dark eye circle, saggy face & double chin

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Effective face lift like HIFU with no pain.


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What is Sygmalift HIFU?


SygmaLIFT is the latest HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) technology designed to enhance non-surgical face lifts. The facelift transformation process is

Pain Free

Injection Free

Surgery Free

SygmaLIFT’s main feature is the use of fractionated HIFU, which allows for a painless experience. The treatment can give similar results to traditional HIFU without the pain. It is one of the top anti-aging technologies for face lifts and collagen production.


Surgical facelift results with no surgery

 What is HIFU?

HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is the latest face lifting technology that provides a V-shaped face & skin tightening. Similar to surgical face lifts, HIFU offers the same effect with 100% no surgery required.

This breakthrough technology uses ultrasound energy to target 3 different depths under the skin to kick-start collagen production. Areas such as the forehead, eyebrows, chin, jowl line, & double chin can be targeted to reduce wrinkles and sagging.

Compared to other HIFU treatments, such as Ultherapy or Ultraformer 3 where pain is associated with the treatment, Sygmalift HIFU is the only technology on the market to offer the same results with no pain at all.

Treatment Benefits

Key benefits:

  • Second generation High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) technology
  • Deep but painless skin tightening treatment
  • Combines focial lines and micro-ultrasound HIFU technology with low level cold lasers
  • Improves lower face contours and lifts the mid-face for more youthful appearance
  • Separate treatments are available for eyelid rejuvenation

Procedure details:

  • Conducting gel is applied for enhanced penetration of ultrasound beams 3 sessions monthly, and then maintenance sessions quarterly are recommended for best and sustained results

Recommended Skin Type for Sygmalift HIFU


Sygmalift hifuSygmalift hifu

Getting a V shaped face is not coincidental, pursue it  with SygmaLIFT HIFU.


Sygmalift HIFU Treatment


Treatment Time 30 mins
Recommended Sessions 3 – 4 sessions / monthly
Recommended Intervals Consult Doctor – 1 session, 1 weeks apart
Recovery Time Minimal Downtime, Minimal Pain- Same day
Price $480 – First trial

Sygmalift HIFU – Telling saggy skin who’s the boss.

Utilizing the innovative Tri-Micro Focal Ultrasound, the SygmaLIFT HIFU can target 3 depths under the skin to regenerate collagen production. When used in conjunction with the cold laser, it will help promote more effective healing & tissue repair. It significantly helps with the lack of collagen during our aging process.

When the ultrasound targets our elastic fibers, it will heat and stimulate the area, allowing a jumpstart of collagen production. As a result, it causes the skin to tighten, allowing the lifting effect.

The high energy from the ultrasound also has the ability to melt the facial fats. Lifting, tightening, and fat melting—it cannot get any more convincing than that. The overall effect will result in a slimmer face, reduced jowl lines, & facial tightening.






Where can Sygmalift HIFU be treated?



ForeheadCheek LiftEye LiftJawline LiftDécolletage

Forehead & Frown Line Lift

Forehead lines are horizontal lines that form through the repetitive use of your eyebrows. Over time, these dynamic wrinkles form permanent lines.

Frown lines are the vertical lines between your eyes and are also known as your ‘glabella lines’. Repeated muscle movement and contraction lead to permanent static wrinkles.


Sygmalift hifu singapore bio aesthetic Sygmalift Full Face (From $600)

Non-surgical facelift
• For skin lifting, restoration
• Requires 1 treatments monthly
• Maintenance every 2 – 3 months

Cheek Lift

Over time, the cheek fat pad, or ‘malar fat pad’ starts to drop as a result of low collagen production. The sagging can have a considerable effect on other areas of your face. Sygmalift can jumpstart collagen production to have a lifting effect.


Sygmalift hifu singapore bio aesthetic Sygmalift Full Face (From $600)

Non-surgical facelift
• For skin lifting, restoration of cheeks
• Requires 1 treatments monthly
• Maintenance every 2 – 3 months


Eye / Eyebrow Lift

Tear troughs, or dark circles under the eyes, can be due to volume loss in that region, making you look older and tired.

The eyebrow region will also have a drooping effect due to aging. Sygmalift HIFU can assist with lifting in both the undereye & the eyebrow.


Sygmalift hifu singapore bio aesthetic Sygmalift Eye (From $298)

Non-surgical facelift
• For skin lifting, restoration of eye region
• Requires 1 treatments monthly
• Maintenance every 2 – 3 months

Jawline Lift

Jawline sagging usually happens due to aging and the loss of collagen production. Sygmalift HIFU will target 3 layers under the skin to jump start collagen production, providing the lifting effect.


Sygmalift hifu singapore bio aesthetic Sygmalift Full Face (From $600)

Non-surgical facelift
• For skin lifting, restoration for full face
• Requires 1 treatments monthly
• Maintenance every 2 – 3 months


Neck / Double Chin Removal

Aging is the primary reason for the appearance of fine lines and looser skin on your neck, chest, and double chin. Sun damage is usually the culprit behind thinner, less elastic, and drier skin —a combination that makes it appear less firm, saggy, and wrinkled.


Sygmalift hifu singapore bio aesthetic Sygmalift Neck/Double Chin (From $298)

Non-surgical facelift
• For skin lifting, restoration of Neck region
• Requires 1 treatments monthly
• Maintenance every 2 – 3 months

HIFU Sygmalift Cost & Price


Area Price Promotion
Double Chin / Neck $960 1st Trial at $480
Eyes $720 1st Trial at $360
Face $1200 1st Trial at $600


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How does Sygmalift HIFU work?

Step 1

Fractionated Beams at 1.5mm (Dermis Layer)

Target painless fractionated beams at 1.5mm of the Dermis layer to improve fine wrinkles and skin tightening to the superficial layer of the skin.

Step 2

Fractionated Beams at 3mm (Subcutaneous Tissue)

Target painless fractionated beams at 3mm of the Subcutaneous Tissue Layer to promote regeneration of Collagen & Elastin

Step 3

Fractionated Beams at 4.5mm (SMAS Layer)

Target painless fractionated beams at 4.5mm of the Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System (SMAS) Layer to shrink and tighten the skin.

Step 4

Continued Regeneration of Collagen & Elastin

You will notice immediate visible skin tightening and lifting after the treatment and progressively within 40 days as your skin continues to generate collagen, allowing you to have more youthful skin day by day.

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Sygmalift HIFU FAQ

Generally, visible results can already be seen on the first session. However, in order to see the full effect, it is advisable to wait 2 – 3 months. HIFU can be compared to going to the gym with your face. When the ultrasound tightens under the skin layer, it will progressively improvement over the next 4 to 6 weeks as your skin continue to generate collagen.

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Generally, the biggest difference between SygmaLIFT and HIFU is the pain during the treatment. SygmaLIFT is performed using fractionated HIFU allowing it to be practically painless. Both treatments does the same job in non surgical face lifting.

For the full results, SygmaLIFT requires treatment once a week over a period of 3 – 6 weeks with visible results during the first session. Lifting effect can last up to 12 months. As for other HIFU, 1 – 2 sessions can see visible results for a period of 2 – 3 months.


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Yes of course. SygmaLIFT is also very effective for forming a V shaped face. It can enhance your cheeks and jaw line to give you a natural firming effect. If you always wondered why so many Korean celebrities have the V shaped face, now you know the answer.

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SygmaLIFT can also be focused at:

– Neck
– Forehead- Eyebrow
– Wrinkled area
– Cheek
– V Line Forming
– Jowl Line
– Double Chin
– Body Fats


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