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Teeth Whitening

Improve up to 8 shades whiter
$99 first trial (U.P.$238)

FDA-approved formula
✅ Instant Teeth Whitening
✅ 100% effective and no downtime
✅ Permanent Results
✅ No Hidden Charges

What are the Teeth Whitening benefits?

8 shades whiter teeth

8 shades whiter

industrial grade teeth whiten

Industrial grade machine

fda approved teeth whitening

FDA approved

customised teeth whitening treatment

Customised treatment

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Teeth Whitening Near Me

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Industrial Grade Teeth Whitening

Our teeth are easily stained by our daily consumption of beverages such as coffee & tea.
For smokers, the nicotine & tar will accumulate over time, causing discoloration.

FDA approved teeth whitening gel penetrates deep into the pores of the teeth (called the dentin) to oxidize the molecules that cause yellow, dark, and stained teeth.


Clinical grade LED lamp technology

FDA approved formula (100% safe)

No hydrogen peroxide

Are you suffering from Tooth Stains?

Our industrial grade LED teeth whitening is FDA approved and effective

mild teeth stain


single tooth stain


moderate teeth stain


severe teeth stain


Up to 8 shades whiter

For a glowing, beautiful smile.

teeth whitening 8 shades whiter

For a glowing, beautiful smile.

6000W Industrial LED Lamp

teeth icon 1

non invasive

no bleach or hydrogen peroxide.

teeth icon 2

proven effective results

effective treatment with FDA-approved formula

teeth whitening machine
teeth icon 3

no radiation

safe from harmful cell mutations & safe from cancer

teeth icon 4

clinical grade LED light

upgraded technology over mass market whitening

Real Results, Real Reviews


teeth whitening before and after 1
teeth whitening before and after 2

Teeth Whitening Session Details

how does teeth whitening work?

Award winning teeth whitening,

visible results from first session:


✅ Measure teeth shade

✅ FDA approved whitening agent

✅ Clinical Grade LED light

✅ Whiten teeth in 30 mins

✅ No damage to teeth or gum

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Meet our team of medical advisors

doctor vijay sampath

Dr Vijay Sampath

Medical Doctor

doctor yap pey pey

Dr Yap Pey Pey

Medical Doctor

LED Teeth Treatment Details

Treatment Time 30 minutes
Recommended Sessions 3–5 sessions
Teeth Color Improve up to 8 shades
Technology Type LED Whitening
Recovery Time $498
Recovery Time Zero Downtime
Price only $99

Multi award winning teeth whitening solution in Singapore.

Bio Intense Whitening


With over 500+ Google and Facebook reviews. Treated over 10,000+ patients. Consult Bio Aesthetic today.

Why LED Teeth Whitening Treatment

led teeth whitening details

LED Teeth Whitening FAQ

Why do my teeth stain?

Teeth discoloration can occur for a variety of reasons. When it comes to whitening your teeth, genetics, your environment, and even medicine may all play a role.

Surface stains on your enamel are the most typical cause. It’s all about what you eat, drink, and do on a daily basis.

Dentin, the layer beneath enamel, can get stained with time. Because enamel is so translucent, when it gets soiled, it darkens the entire tooth.


Am I suitable for LED teeth whitening?

Compared to the blue LED home kit that has been raving on Instagram, our industrial grade LED lamp technology can generate the proper frequency to effectively accelerate the whitening agent, ensuring the best result.

The LED light forms visible light that does not have ionizing radiation. As such, your teeth & gums are safe from harmful cell mutations and cancer.

The whitening agent is 100% free of hydrogen peroxide, allowing it to be safe to swallow.

Many teeth whitening procedures on the market use hydrogen peroxide, which can irritate and cause gum redness.

Do you have more questions?

Teeth Whitening Specialist Singapore

Teeth Whitening Treatment Orchard

bio aesthetic orchard

Bio Aesthetic Medical Spa Orchard

390 Orchard Road, Palais Renaissance #03-01
Tel: 6333 4566 | Whatsapp Us

Teeth Whitening Treatment Tampines

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Bio Aesthetic Medical Spa Tampines

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Tel: 6782 2777 | Whatsapp Us

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• Price is $99 (exclusive of GST) for 1 session LED teeth whitening. For subsequent sessions. price will be quoted at ala carte price

• $99 teeth whitening promotion is a 1 session trial 30mins treatment

• Customers aged 16 – 20 years old have to be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

• Strictly by appointment only. Please arrive 15 minutes earlier and present your identity card during appointment. 

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