Bio Thermo Lipolysis

The Bio Thermo Lipolysis is an Infrared Body Wrap System that is non-invasive and a very therapeutic cosmetic treatment to help reduce cellulite and effectively supports fat reduction in your body.

This treatment makes use of both long and short infrared rays, thereby reducing the length of sessions and making the treatment a lot more effective. During the treatment, six flexible and wide silicone bandages are used for targeting specific body parts.

The infrared rays penetrate into the deeper fat tissue, thereby stimulating your metabolism while also improving circulation. The body wrap causes an increase in the core body temperature and this further stimulates the metabolism and boosts the calorie-burning process.

Benefits of the System
The Bio Thermo Lipolysis is useful for toning, tightening, and improving the texture and appearance of your skin. It is particularly recommended for individuals with loose skin resulting from pregnancy or weight loss. This non-invasive treatment helps improve cellulite ripples and dimples.

Before you undergo any kind of body-shaping treatment, it is important to understand the difference between cellulite and obesity. Cellulite is an appearance of the skin’s surface that comes from fatty tissue bound up in constricting fibers, while obesity refers to a general overaccumulation of excess body fat. The Bio Thermo Lipolysis treatment can be used for treating
both these conditions.

Unlike other exercise or diet programs, an infrared body wrap helps remove toxins that have accumulated in your body over time. These can include toxins from secondhand smoke, UV rays, and foods/drinks consumed. This detoxifying effect comes from the treatment’s increase in the body’s lymphatic and blood circulation.

It is an effective treatment for inch loss and can visually improve the appearance of cellulite with the added bonus of treating bone, joint, and muscle pains.

What to Expect During the Treatment

During the Bio Thermo Lipolysis treatment, your body will be encased in
wraps made from a special technology called Active Carbon Fiber Matrix.
This technology generates infrared heat that penetrates into your body.Your treatment specialist will use six distinct pads for wrapping around the targeted body parts. This technique helps provide a customized treatment to each patient. The pads are versatile, and so it is possible to wrap them around many different parts of the body, including the buttocks, arms, thighs and abdomen. The heating process will cause your body to sweat and burn fat in the targeted spots.

Key benefits of the Bio Thermo Lipolysis include:

  • Fat reduction
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Removal of toxins
  • Pain relief
  • Relief from insomnia
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Back ache relief
  • Lessening of menstrual cramps

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What is the treatment process like?Our trained Aestheticians will apply a slimming gel onto the client’s treated area. Then will apply a wrap and protective covering. Client will rest on the treatment bed, and wrapped comfortably in 3 to 5 wide flexible silicone bandages that will be connected to the slimming equipment. The main treatment itself will take 45 mins, total treatment time is around 60 mins.


What kind of results can I expect?

You can see results from the first session and can lose up to 8 pounds the very first treatment. The pounds lost are from thermolipolysis, (infrared heat penetrating deep into the tissue to break down fats into a more liquid form, as you perspire the blood vessels dialate and allow a waxy yellow body secretion containing excess bodily water, toxins and fats) the resulting weight loss will
remain after the treatment. Bio Thermo Lipolysis provides a technological attack on dimpled thighs, tummies, arms, and derrières via infrared thermal energy absorbed through the skin penetrating from between 1.5 to 2 inches of inner tissue.


What other benefits are there?

Bio Thermo Lipolysis is also utilized as a complement of therapeutic treatments to relieve pain in bones, joints and muscles. The antiinflammatory
and anti-spasmodic actions of thermotherapy help to reduce swelling and get rid of toxins, providing a relaxing effect. The dry and penetrating heat is useful in relieving both the cause and the symptom of pain.


How do I maintain the slimming effect?

Slimming is a constant and consistent effort. We recommend client to regularly undergo a detox treatment at least once every month for detox internally. With that, slimming can be maintained and health can be gained. Some of our favourite detox products are: Dr Heart, Fat Burner, Bloat No More. *Link to product


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