PhytoPeeling Hulk Acne Therapy

Efficient, rapid and reliable acne treatment. It inhibits the action of acne-causing bacteria. It exerts potent microbicidal action and contributes to the elimination of inflammations and irritations.

PhytoPeeling is a medium “chemical peeling” therapy and a rapid skin cell rejuvenation therapy at the same time.

It is based on combined exfoliation-rejuvenation effects of SPONGILLA LACUSTRIS, SPONGILLA FRAGILIS (LEIDY), EPHYDAT Ι
A FLUVIATILIS, herbs with Alpha Hydroxy Acids (ΑΗΑ) in concentrations up to 40% and a pH of 2.5. This combination multiplies the efficacy of our intervention to wrinkles, dyschromias, scars and spots.

Potent soothing action of KELIFLUO, PANTHENOL and MS derivative of salicylic acid reduce common undesired irritations of chemical peelings.

Cutting-edge Technology

About Phytopeeling; It was originally used by doctors and contains wholly natural ingredients from SPONGILLA LACUSTRIS, SPONGILLA FRAGILIS (LEIDY) and EPHYDATΙA FLUVIATILIS, herbs, found in lakes of Russia and Canada.

It stimulates cellular rejuvenation and removes degenerated cells, preventing the occurrence of superficial lesions and dyschromias. It activates vital skin functions and invigorates disorganized tissues, restoring skin consistency, elasticity and brightness.

It restores irregular keratinization of the skin; it regulates sebum secretion. By using Phytopeeling we achieve intense skin hyperemia.

Along with increased blood circulation, cellular metabolism is enhanced, resulting in faster growth at the level where collagen, elastin, fibronectin and hyaluronic acid production is being done.


The “exfoliation” protocol intends to treat dyschromias, lentigines, scars, acne marks, and wrinkles and for providing skin rejuvenation, regeneration and the “acne” protocol intends to treat acne and for oiliness regulation.

Treatment at Home

After therapy non stop action For the first 2 days the skin becomes red and we feel a prickling sensation, which slowly diminishes. For the next 3 days the skin will exfoliate. The only product that has to be applied for this 5-day period is SUNFILM GEL SPF30.

Until skin exfoliation is completed the following actions are prohibited:

  • Water
  • Swimming (pool – sea)
  • Ski Fitness
  • Anything that promotes perspiration
  • Sun exposure (mountain or sea)
  • Contact with detergents and dust
  • Touching your face with your hands, rubbing of your face or pulling away peeling skin
  • The use of any other product, except for SUNFILM GEL SPF30
  • Washing your face with water.


Thin and sensitive skins with telangiectasias, hypertrichosis, skin conditions, extremely infectious conditions, allergies, wounds, melanomas, and dark colored people with dyschromias, pregnancy, herpes labialis and herpes zoster.

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