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SHR Hair Removal Trial


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What is SHR Laser Hair Removal?

SHR Hair Removal (Super Hair Removal) is the latest technology of hair removal which combine laser and IPL to effectively remove hair on body. In comparison to classic IPL hair removal, this new approach uses lower energy levels and more pulses. A total of 50% of the energy will be directed to the hair follicle, with the remaining 50% directed at the steam cells responsible for hair formation. Clients benefit from SHR’s faster, pain-free, and safer hair removal.

> Permanently destroy hair follicles 

> Low fluence laser with cooling system (no pain)

> Targets both coarse and the fine hair

> Faster, lower pain & effective hair removal

Comparing to traditional IPL hair removal, SHR hair removal only requires treatment every month with no downtime & no pain.  Permanently eliminate hair for smoother & silky skin. 

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> Permanently destroy hair follicles 

> Low fluence laser with cooling system (no pain)

> Targets both coarse and the fine hair

> Faster, lower pain & effective hair removal

Redemption Instructions

  • Reservation required at least 3 days in advance.
  • Booking subject to availability.
  • Please ensure that your reservation is made within the validity period stated on your voucher.
  • Call +6563334566 / Whatsapp +6583218642 / email: hello@bioaesthetic.com.sg for booking with:
    • Name
    • Contact number
    • Preferred date and time
    • Option purchased
    • Attached voucher
  • Rescheduling / cancellation must be made at least 24 hours prior to original booking.
  • A confirmation request will be sent to the customer 24 hours before his/her scheduled appointment.
  • If the customer does not respond to confirm his/her scheduled appointment, his/her appointment will be cancelled automatically.


SHR Hair Removal Trial / Promotion Singapore

SHR Hair removal trial / promotion Singapore Bio Aesthetic from $39. First trial.

How does SHR Hair Removal work?

how to shr hair removal work - shr hair removal trial

SHR utilizes a proprietary method to target hair follicles and destroy them painlessly while also providing simultaneous cooling, resulting in permanent hair removal. The laser delivers 50% of the energy to the hair and 50% to hair follicle responsible for future hair growth allowing effective, pain free hair removal.

There is less irritation and trauma on the skin because the energy slowly builds up, and this makes it perfect and suitable for all skin tones and even for sensitive skin clients. Laser hair removal treatments in Singapore frequently use SHR as it can eliminate both fine and coarse hair. The SHR hair removal process is more mild on the skin, making it excellent for sensitive areas such as Brazilian Hair Removal.

Compared to traditional IPL hair removal, SHR hair removal is pain-free and provides a lower discomfort level. Most parts of the body, including face, arms, legs, and the underarms can be effectively targetted for hair removal. SHR hair removal may be used on all hair types and most skin tones making it the gold standard for permanent hair removal.

Key benefits:

  • Painless, comfortable & fast treatment
  • Permanently removal all kinds of hair on body
  • Able to target large areas (legs, backs) to smaller areas (upper lips & underarms)
  • Cool tip technology to ensure no overheating and burns
  • Advanced laser technology over traditional IPL

Procedure details:

Treatment requires 9 – 12 sessions to permanently remove regrowth from 80% – 100%.

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Terms & Conditions

  • Valid Mon – Fri: 11am – 8.30pm; Sat 10am – 6pm. Closed on Sun and public holidays.
  • Limit 1 SHR hair removal promotion per person.
  • We reserve the rights to not provide refund if a customer 2nd promotion and try to redeem as 1st session
  • For male and female customers.
  • Valid for Singaporean / PR/ EP/ SP.
  • Present NRIC / valid Work Pass at outlet for verification.
  • Sessions are non-transferable.
  • Consecutive session(s) must be utilised within 2 months from first visit.
  • Only for first time customers.
  • Bio Aesthetic reserves the rights to change the promotion anytime.
  • For legs and arms, it includes both limbs (eg. full arms will include both arms)
  • Trial prices are limited to 1st session, any new sessions, the price will be based on price list.


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