Aesthetic & Beauty Feb 2016 – Bio Aesthetic talks about 2016 skincare trends

Dr Fin and Sandra chats with Aesthetic & Beauty about beauty trends in 2016!

What skin treatments are modern Singaporean women looking for? Bio Aesthetic talks about the most popular non-invasive treatments.

Bio Aesthetic was established with a simple aim in mind: to enable that their patients have the flexibility and option of looking as natural as possible.

Their methodology is safe and effective, ensuring that patients can achieve aesthetically pleasing and healthy skin with minimally or non invasive procedures.

We speak to founder, Sandra Koh and their resident doctor, Dr Ariffin Ziaudeen (Dr Fin for short) to find out what they will be bringing to the aesthetic front.


1. What are some of the common aesthetic problems that women face today?

Dr Fin: Pigmentation and premature skin aging are some of the more common problems Asian women face today. These problems can occur due to cumulative sun exposure over a lifetime, exposure to pollutants or hormonal changes.

Lasers combined with good skincare products can be helpful in reducing these effects. Maintaining healthy skin can also help to reduce the risk of skin cancers at a later stage.

Sandra: We age every day and this is an inevitable fact that we have to face. Our lifestyle habits determine how much we age, for example, smoking, drinking and late nights will rapidly age our skin. Not drinking enough water will also give our face a lacklustre appearance.


2. What are some of the preferred treatments for Singaporean women?

Sandra: We find that younger ladies are more receptive to injectables such as botox and more invasive treatments while mature women prefer a more natural and less invasive approach to anti-aging procedures. While there is no “best” treatment, a combination of appropriate treatments and starting early can help you achieve optimal results.

We advise everyone who is looking to improve their appearance and physique with a realistic approach. You may come in wanting to get a particular skin treatment, but that might not be the most suitable treatment for you, so Dr Fin will make the recommendation best suited for you after consultation.

We are seeing a fair share of men doing aesthetic treatments as looking good is becoming more important in the competitive business environment.

3. In terms of aesthetic medicine, what are some of the latest advancement that Bio Aesthetic will be bringing into Singapore?

Dr Fin: High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) uses the latest technology to target the muscle layer of the face non invasively for mild to moderate lifting with no downtime. This makes it a relatively safe procedure for healthy adults, both men and women, who want to reduce facial sagging and wrinkles.

The machines from Korea, use ultrasound waves to tighten and tone the muscle layer with settings catered towards Asians. This treatment is be ideal for the busy working adult who wants to maintain a toned face and jawline.

As you age, the structure of your face changes. Being able to maintain an elegant look with healthy skin helps you feel youthful and mentally boosts your energy levels and confidence without having to rely on excessive make up.

As a doctor, I have an obligation to increase quality of life for my patients. When a person is able to achieve their optimal aesthetic look, they feel more positive and this is reflected in their daily life. It is a joy to be able to help others look and feel better.


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