Fat Freezing Before and After

Fat Freezing Treatment Before and After

Fat freezing before and after is important to prove the visual effectiveness of the results.

Fat freeze is one of the most popular slimming treatment in Singapore with raving reviews. Backed by multiple medical studies, it is proven to reduce up to 25% of fats permanently.

Landing on this page would mean you have heard the effectiveness of fat freezing. In this article, we will compare the price, reviews and treatment benefits of fat freeze.

Benefits of Fat Freezing

Fat Freezing (Cryolipolysis) is a fat reduction procedure using freeze technology to permanently eliminate fats. It is a very safe treatment with little to no downtime. Fat freezing is increasingly popular in Singapore due to its ability to burn up to 25% of fats.

Unlike liposuction, which may need anaesthesia and carry risks of bleeding or severe infection, Fat Freeze is a safe treatment with no discomfort .The treatment takes 35 minutes each application, and repeated treatments may be required to cover a large area.

Four or more treatments, for example, may be required to guarantee even fat removal from the whole front of the belly. After the treatment, you can resume normal activities comfortably.


benefits of fat freezing before and after


Fat Freezing Does it Work?

Fat Freezing is backed by many studies on the positive results in fat loss. The freeze technology is able to safely perform fat reduction and body contouring with little to no side effects. In this article, we will share the fat freezing before and after photos to show the effectiveness.

Results is visible as quickly as three weeks, with the peak results shown after three months. The average fat loss each cycle of therapy varies from roughly 10% to 25%. Depending on the intended outcomes, a second round of treatment may be required after several months.


Where can Fat Freeze be targeted?

Fat Freeze can be targetted from big to small body parts are it provides different cup size. From big body parts (abdomen) to smaller body parts (bra fats), fats can be permanently eliminated.




AbdomenOuter thighs

Back fats

Inner thighLower back fats

Male chest


Double chinBra fats

Knee fats


fat freezing before and after target area - where can fat freeze be targeted?


Freezing Fat Cells Before and After Photos

Fat freezing shows remarkable results after 3 session. Visible fat loss can be seen after an 8 week period.

As results vary between individual, it is best to consult your fat freeze provider on your ideal weight loss goals.


fat freezing before and after

Image: Clinical photos of clients after receiving Coolsculpting Fat Freeze treatments (source).


Fat Freezing Side Effects

As safe as any procedure may be, there will always be some side effects or risk associated. Generally fat freezing is very safe and effective treatment. However, it is important to note the following side effects to keep yourself informed.

Tugging feeling during treatment

During a fat freezing treatment, your fats will be suctioned into two cooling panels on the targeted area of your body. This might cause a tugging or pulling feeling that you will have to endure for one to two hours (depending on the duration of your treatment)


Slight stinging, or aching during treatment

For certain individuals, they may experience slight pain, stinging sensation during the treatment. These sensations usually begin shortly after treatment as  the skin and tissues are not used to extreme cold temperatures.


Temporary redness and swelling after the treatment

Your skin may experience redness and swelling after the treatment due to the cold temperature and constant suction. Rest assured, the swelling will subside over the next few days and it is completely normal.


Freeze burn

Freeze burn may occur due to excess freeze temperatures. However it only occurs due to human error or dysfunctional machine (cheap machines). It is very important to choose a reputable clinic / Medispa who invests in quality equipments.


Fat Freezing Price and Costs Singapore

Price of fat freezing in Singapore generally depends on the brand of machine used, clinic overheads and whether it is an FDA approved machine. At Bio Aesthetic Medispa, we only invest in the top range fat freezing machine with excellent safety track record. Typical price range from $198 to $400 a cup. Our exclusive fat freezing promotion is at $99.

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1 Cup $238
10 Cups $1980



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How does Cryolipolysis compare with Home Device?

There are many gimmicky home devices that claim the same results as Fat Freeze treatment. However, there are no safety track record and you may be exposed to risks of freeze burn or even frostbites. An average good quality Cryolipolysis device can cost up to $70,000 due to the cooling system and safety equipments.

You might end up spending more money on doctor’s fee from home devices. It is always recommended to find reputable clinic like Bio Aesthetic to get your fat freezing treatments done.


How Long can Fat Freezing Results Last?

Results are permanent and will not recur if healthy lifestyle and diet is part of your daily routine. The fats will be permanently destroyed. It is always recommend to combine exercises with any weight loss treatment.



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