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Fat Freezing Journey with Bio Aesthetic

Fat freezing reviews – I’ve always wanted a very slim body but it is really had for me to maintain my figure as I really don’t control my diet.

“Everyday is a cheat day for me.”

It’s until when I’m faced with the stress of wedding planning, going through all the gown fitting, I feel that some dresses do not look good on me due to some fats that I needed to lose around the tummy area.

I know there’s a lot of ways of reducing my tummy fats, like radio frequency for fat reduction. But, how to lose fats healthily and effectively? I don’t really need to lose weight, but my tummy bulge is not something that I can accept.


Discovering Fat Freeze

I know there are other ways to lose weight too, like exercise! But it requires diligence, perseverance, determination and discipline to do it. But ask yourself, with all the busy schedules and dinner appointments, how easy is it to make your weight loss plan work? It’s often easier said that done!

It’s hard and that’s why most of us are living with out unsatisfied body. But no worries, it’s not the end of the world, lazy people use lazy methods to achieve the same results!

I was being introduced to Fat Freeze at Bio Aesthetic Medispa and I know that I had to give it a try.

Multi Polar Radio Frequency working its magic on my flabby tummy! Look at my love handles, OMG!

fat freezing reviews

Fat Freeze treatment freezing all the fats from my tummy! Yay to losing up to 25% fats on my tummy!


Why did I choose Bio Aesthetic Medispa for Fat Freeze?

The staff there are really patient and friendly with no hard selling when I went for my consultation. Fat Freeze is also one of the treatment that Bio Aesthetic Medispa specialise in.


Is Fat Freezing safe?

The procedure has been performed more than a thousand times with extremely high safety method as compared to other fat reduction treatments.

There are other fat freeze treatments like Zeltiq Cool Shaping, but I feel that this fat freezing treatment at Bio Aesthetic is more comfortable as the suction is on an off instead of constant suction on the tummy area. I hear from some of my friends that can cause bruising sometimes.


Does Fat Freezing work reviews?

After the fat freezing treatment at bio aesthetic, the therapist did a tummy massage on my tummy to soothe and stimulate lymphatic drainage so that my fats can be flushed away!

I felt really good as my tummy literally felt much tighter after the treatment. It feels like I just did 100 sit ups. The benefits of fat freezing is it makes my tummy feels toned and firmer.


Is Fat Freeze painful?

For me, I felt really comfortable with the warm roller going around my tummy area. The suction wasn’t painful for me as well, it is bearable.

But everyone have different level of pain tolerance. One thing for sure is that I can go shopping at Palais Renaissance after!


What are the side effects of Fat Freeze?

The most common side effects are temporary numbness, mild soreness and mild bruising. But for me there’s only some painless mild busing due to the suction, other than the redness I feel nothing.


Fat Freeze or Liposuction?

With liposuction, you will get all the downtime and crazy bruising all over the body. Fat freezing is a safer way to lose fats in certain part of the areas that you don’t like.

If you can get the same results without going through plastic surgery why not? I will choose fat freezing by Bio Aesthetic as I feel that I can be lazy and lie down while losing fats at the same time! They can share fat freezing before and after photos with you to show you the results.


How much is Fat Freezing Singapore in Bio Aesthetic?

bio aesthetic clinic singapore fat freezing reviews


The price of fat freezing in Bio Aesthetic starts from $238 / cup. To target tummy area, you will require 2 cup (left and right).

Bio Aesthetic is now running a promotion for only $99 / cup. Contact us to understand more about fat freezing reviews today!



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