Fat Freezing Costs & Price Guide Singapore

What is Fat Freezing?

Fat freezing is the gold standard of technology, medically proven to permanently eliminate up to 25% of fat. 

Fat freezing, or Cryolipolysis as it is medically referred to, is a non-invasive and non-surgical medical treatment that utilizes freezing to dissolve fat cells.

Fat Freezing Singapore is a body contouring procedure that involves the application of freezing plates to specific locations. Suction can draw the fat onto the cooling pad at -5° to -8° celsius, allowing it to freeze. As fats are vulnerable to cold, the temperature can kill fat cells while leaving other tissues unharmed.

Compared to surgical liposuction, fat freezing is the ideal non-invasive solution. There is no downtime with no side effects, and it can eliminate up to 25% of fats.

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fat freezing Singapore

How does Fat Freezing work?

The science behind how fat freezing work is to induce apoptosis in fat cells (fat cell death). As fats are sensitive to temperature, the freezing temperature will cause the fat cells to freeze and die, thus leaving the other tissues unharmed.

1. Freeze the fats: The cooling panels will focus on the targeted area. A vacuum suction will draw the fats and begin the cryolipolysis process. The treatment freezes your fat cells to a temperature of -5 degrees Celsius, sparing surrounding tissues such as muscle, blood vessels, and nerves. The temperature is continuously monitored to avoid burning the flesh.

2. Crystallized fat dies off: Fat cells that have ceased to function will gradually disintegrate. Over the next 3 months, more fat cells will slowly die off.

3. Body metabolism of dead cells: The crystallised fat cells will gradually be naturally metabolised by the immune system. Subcutaneous fat would be reduced in total. To achieve the best outcomes, it is advised to follow all treatment recommendations for the intended fat region.

how does fat freezing work ?

Does Fat Freezing work?

Fat freeze Singapore has been shown in many medical studies to be an efficient fat reduction treatment. The treatment is a minimally invasive, nonsurgical medical technique that assists in the removal of excess fat cells under the skin. It has many advantages over conventional surgical fat reduction techniques as a noninvasive technique.

A medical study in 2009 found that cryolipolysis could reduce the treated fat layer by up to 25%. After 6 months into surgery, the effects remained.

Do your research on fat freezing before and after photos to see the effects of fat loss.


How many sessions of Fat Freezing do I need?

The exact number of sessions required for fat freezing depends on the target body part and fat content. Usually, for larger areas such as the abdomen, thighs, or back fat, it requires more sessions as more fat is accumulated in those areas.

Typically, we would recommend 3–6 sessions per treatment area to reach your desired goals. As different individuals have different targets, it would be recommended to schedule a consultation with us.

What are the recommended body parts for Fat Freeze?

Fat Freeze can be targeted on many body parts, from big areas (abdomen, thighs) t0 smaller areas (double chin, armpit fats). It can eliminate up to 25% of the fat in targeted areas. The common body parts for fat freezing are:

  • Tummy / Abdomen
  • Waist / Love handles
  • Double Chin fat freeze
  • Arms
  • Thighs
  • Bra line & Back
  • Axillary puff (armpit fats)

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Different types of Fat Freeze machine in Singapore

There are many fat freeze brands in the market such as CoolSculpting, Clatuu and Coolshaping 2. The brand used in Bio Aesthetic Laser Clinic is  Cool Shaping 2 which is developed by the top Korean aesthetic manufacturer Ensung .

Type CoolShaping 2 Coolsculpting Clatuu
Fat Freeze coolshaping 2 fat freeze singapore bio aesthetic fat freeze singapore bio aesthetic price coolsculpting fat freeze singapore bio aesthetic price clatuu
Machine Cost $60,000 $100,000 $60,000
Cups 4 applicators 10 applicators 2 applicators
Treatment Duration 60 mins 35 mins 60 mins
360 deg freeze Yes Yes Yes
Price $238/session $600/session $350/session
FDA approved No Yes No
Effectiveness 5/5 5/5 5/5
Consumables Price $$ $$$$ $$

How much does Fat Freezing cost?

Fat Freeze prices are largely dependent on the following factors:

FDA (Food & Drugs Administration) Approved Machines

Typically, aesthetic machines that are FDA approved add a higher premium due to their safety records and stringent safety protocols. When the price of the machine and consumables is high, the costs are also transferred to patients.

Brand of Fat Freeze

The brand directly correlates with the price of treatment. Similar to phone brands (Apple, Samsung), there are many brands using fat freeze technology. The 3 popular brands are CoolSculpting, Clatuu, & Cool Shaping 2. For example, the cost to purchase CoolSculpting is above $100,000, translating to $600+/session, compared to the average $300+ with competing machines.

Consumables and Treatment

For every machine, there are consumables that the clinic needs to purchase from the manufacturer to conduct the treatment. For expensive machines such as CoolSculpting, the consumable will cost more due to the brand, which in turn translates into a higher treatment price.

How much is fat freezing?

1 Cup $238
10 Cups $1980




 Fat Freeze Promotion Price Buy Now
1 Regular Cup (Mini, Small, Medium) $99 Buy Now
2 Regular Cup (Mini, Small, Medium) $298 Buy Now
4 Regular Cup (Mini, Small, Medium) $388 Buy Now


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Bio Aesthetic Medispa Fat Freeze

Fat Freeze: 5 Applicators for All Body Parts.


With 360° cooling technology, the surface area for freezing and cooling is expanded, allowing the treatment to be more effective & faster.


All 4 hand pieces can be used concurrently, providing a wider range of areas, including the face, abdomen, and thighs, to be treated at once.


The 4 applicator technology allows Fat Freeze to treat 2 patients concurrently


The 360° Stereoscopic cooling technology emits more effective cooling energy, resulting in a shorter treatment time. The decreased treatment time also improves safety and minimizes side effects, including the risk of damage to surrounding tissues.

fat freezing applicator types

Mini applicator to target small body parts.

With 5 applicators in Coolshaping 2, fat freezing can be performed on even the smallest pocket of fats. The unique mini applicator is designed to target fats fold smaller than 35mm.

Typical Fat Freeze machine in the market do not provide a mini applicator. The Coolshaping 2 mini applicator can freeze fats from:

>Axillary Puff (Armpit Fats)

>Double Chin

>Upper Arms


Consult us at Bio Aesthetic Laser Clinic today for a customised Fat Freeze treatment. Promotion for Fat Freeze is only at $99 / cup.

fat freezing cup size mini applicators for double chin


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