Fat Freezing Does it Work? Compare Pros and Cons

Why is Fat Freezing so Popular?

Fat freezing does it work? It can destroys up to 25% fat cells. Using 360° cooling technology,  more fat cells can be eliminated without surgery and minimal downtime.

Fat Freezing, also known as cryolipolysis, is increasingly popular in Singapore due to its ability to effectively remove fats that are resistant to diet and exercise.

Other than the big area (tummy, thighs, & back), fat freezing can also target small areas such as the double chin and axillary puff (armpit fats).

Fat freeze treatment can eliminate 20–25% of fat in the targeted area, and it is the most popular slimming treatment now.

Fat freeze trial is available for $99 at Bio Aesthetic.


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Does fat freezing work

What is the technology behind Fat Freeze?

how does fat freezing work?Fat freezing uses cooling panels to provide suction and freeze the targeted fat area.

As fats are sensitive to cold, the cold temperature breaks down fat cells while leaving skin and underlying tissue unharmed.

Depending on the targeted area, sessions usually last under an hour. Fat freezing has no downtime, and normal activities can be resumed after.

After a few treatments, the fat cells will gradually be eliminated and metabolised in the waste system.

The best results may take 4–6 months. You can see visible results from the first session.


Fat Freezing Does it Work?

fat freeze treatment area

We are often asked the question, “Fat freezing does it work?” At Bio Aesthetic, we have a high success rate with our patients on fat loss.

It is an effective fat loss treatment with much lower negative effects compared to surgical options such as liposuction.

While fat freezing can reduce fat, it is not a miraculous fix and should not be expected to remove all fat

There are many people who assumes that fat loss treatments are scams; however, the effectiveness of fat freezing is backed by multiple medical journals (eliminating fats up to 25%)

Even though Fat Freeze has a lot of advantages, it shouldn’t be your only fat-loss option. It’s important to use fat freezing as part of your weight reduction plan, but don’t sacrifice a nutritious diet and regular exercise.


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fat freeze singapore pros and cons

Advantages – Pros of Fat Freezing?

Non Invasive & Effective

Unlike surgical fat loss alternatives such as liposuction, fat freezing technology is able to eliminate fats without causing damage to underlying tissues and skin.

There are multiple medical journals proving the results of up to 25% fat loss in the targeted area.


Short Treatment

The overall fat freezing treatment will take 45 to 60 minutes to complete.

At Bio Aesthetic Laser Clinic, our fat freeze machine has 4 applicators and can target 4 body parts at the same time.


Minimal Recovery & Low Downtime

Other than some redness and swelling, there is no downtime and normal activities can be resumed after the Cryolipolysis treatment


Permanent Fat Reduction

Yes, the treated fat cells are permanently gone. Physiologically, with the decrease in fat cells in the area, you might experience weight loss.

Keeping a healthy diet and exercising are still important for maintaining fat loss. The fats can still return if you do not watch your diet.

Disadvantages – Cons of Fat Freezing

Potential Side Effects

Fat freezing is non surgical, there are no surgical risks. However, there are some side effects to consider:

  • Slight discomfort, pain, or stinging in the target area
  • Potential Angioedema (inflammation of the skin)
  • Paradoxical adipose hyperplasia is a rare side effect. This uncommon disease causes fat cells to grow rather than shrink when treated and affects males more than females.


Multiple Treatments are required.

Fat freezing is not a one hit wonder where you will see immediate results in 1 session.

Depending on the size of the target area and the amount of fat, it may take approximately:

Small Area: 3–6 sessions

Medium Area: 4–8 sessions

Large Area: 6–10 sessions

Before your treatment, our experienced aestheticians will do a detailed body analysis and consultation to advise you on your fat loss goals.


Results are not Immediate

Clinical data suggests it takes up to 4 months to achieve optimum effects, but generally, after about 90 days, you should notice a difference in fat loss.

We do have patients seeing results in the first 3 weeks after the treatment.

Bio Aesthetic 360° Fat Freezing

fat freezing singapore - 1


At Bio Aesthetic, we use the latest 360° fat freezing technology from Korea. CoolShaping 2 is a K-FDA-approved machine that combines cryolipolysis with vacuum technology for more effective fat loss with a lower treatment time.

The benefits of Cool Shaping 2 are:

360° Stereoscopic Cooling System

The cooling surface that comes into contact with the skin is increased with the 360° stereophonic cooling technology. As a result, the treatment area may be considerably increased to allow for more effective results.

4 Hand Piece Simultaneous Outputs

Simultaneous application of four hand pieces is possible, allowing for treatment of a wide variety of regions simultaneously, including the face, belly, and thighs.

Treat 2 people Simultaneously

The 4 hand piece can run simultaneously, allowing treatment for 2 people at the same time. If you would like to do a fat freeze with a friend, it is possible.

Reduced Treatment Time

The 360° stereoscopic cooling technology provides more effective cooling energy for shorter periods of time. The reduced treatment duration improves safety and reduces adverse effects, such as the danger of harm to adjacent tissues.


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Fat Freezing Before and After

Fat freeze is an effective fat loss treatment backed by multiple medical studies.

There are many fat freezing before and after photos showing the effectiveness of fat loss.

Contact us today for more information.

fat freezing before and after


Does Fat Freezing Work?

Yes, fat freezing is an effective fat loss treatment that can permanently eliminate up to 25% of fat. Backed by many clinical studies, the effectiveness of the technology is proven.


How much does Fat Freeze cost in Singapore?

The costs of fat freeze in Singapore can range from $250 – $600 per session. It really depends on the type of machine, clinic overheads, and the price of consumables.

At Bio Aesthetic, we charge $238 / session, and we have a first-time trial for $99.


Can you Freeze your Fats at Home?

We do not recommend any home treatments for fat freeze. A single machine can cost between $65,000 and $120,000. A large part of the cost is the technology and safety features.

Home machines can potentially cause freezing burns as the safety features are not adequate. You should only seek fat freeze treatments with trained professionals.


Is Fat Freezing Painful?

Most patients who have done fat freezing find the treatment comfortable with no pain. You may feel a sense of tugging from the vacuum suction; however, the general treatment is painless.


Contact us at Bio Aesthetic for your fat loss treatments. We are one of the top providers of fat-freezing treatments in Singapore.


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