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Facial price – Ever wondered why the prices / costs of facial can range from $28 – $700 in Singapore? Find out the how facial in Singapore are priced.

At most facial spas in Singapore, a full suite facial (including extraction) would costs $128 – $198. The costs of facials are mainly determined by the type of ingredients and machine used. For spas that located in more exclusive locations, you will find the prices higher.

There are also discount sites such as Fave, offering facial services at $28. However, beware of hard sales tactics, otherwise you might end up spending much more than expected.

Comparing to aesthetic clinics, where treatments are using high grade lasers, facial are typically done manually with the help of certain machines. Facial can be therapeutic and offer many benefits to your skin.



Best Facial Singapore

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Generally for facial treatments in Singapore, the standard procedure should be:

  1. Facial Cleanser – cleanse off surface dirt
  2. Toner – cleanse off residual dirt
  3. Exfoliation – Gentle exfoliation for sensitive skin & deeper for clogged pores
  4. Extraction (Not always included) – Extract blackhead, pimples from oil clogged pores
  5. Apply Mask & Serum – Hydrating and protect skin barrier
  6. Facial Massage (Not always included) – Allows the serum to properly penetrate the skin
  7. Sun Protection – Protect from UV rays

Although facial prices are charged based on the offerings (extraction, massage, ingredients and machines), you are also paying for the service provided and the location. There are high end spas that charge up to $180 just for a basic facial.

For facial in the cheaper range, the typical services offered are basic cleansing and no extractions. Although not all, but some unscrupulous spas like to dangle cheap prices to attract customers into the door. Once entered, hard sales tactics will be applied to top up for “premium” facial.

Always ensure you check the reviews of the facial spa before booking. At Bio Aesthetic Medispa, we are known for our price transparency and we do not practise hard sales tactics.


Is Facial Treatment worth the price?

The quality of overall facial experience is not on the service alone, but also your overall comfort. After all, the whole point is to have a relaxing day. When it comes to the overall experience, you should be looking out for:

  • Comfort of Spa
  • Consolation of Skin Issues
  • Knowledge of Therapist
  • Decor of Rooms
  • Skills of Therapist
  • Hard Sales Tactics
  • Cleanliness of the Spa

The differentiating factor from an average facial and luxury facial takes into account of the above-mentioned points. The competitiveness of spa business is very competitive and there are many quality spas offering exceptional service and quality facial.

Before committing to a package, always ask for a trial session and look into the reviews.


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Average Facial Price in Singapore

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Facial treatments can be categorised into 4 groups (cheap, average, expensive and luxury). Each group offers different prices, duration, ingredient provided and offerings.


Facial Treatment Price Comparison

Facial price in Singapore is determined by location, service offered and ingredient used. For cheaper facials, you will often find you are required to top up for additional services such as blackhead extractions and “better” serums/ masks.

As there are not regulations governing the facial industry, choosing a reputable spa is important, otherwise experiencing a bad facial might cause more skin issues.

Facial treatments in the average range are usually the safest bet (unless you have a higher budget). Do remember to always do your research and check the reviews of the spa.


Facial Treatment Duration Comparison

Duration of the facial is an attributing factor to the price. Having a customer longer in the room is an opportunity cost for another customer. In most spas, cheaper facials will usually be under 30 mins and luxury facials can span up to 120 mins.

For expensive to luxury facial, it usually involves at least 2 machines. There will also be more serum and masks applied to address the skin conditions. For individuals with more blackheads, the therapist requires a longer period to thoroughly cleanse the pores.


Facial Treatment Offering Comparison

The price of facial is also heavily influenced by the type of machine used. Some machine can cost upwards of $60,000. The technology can address different skin issues and are often backed by medical studies and results.

There is a growing demand for aesthetic clinic treatments as patients can consult a medical doctor for skin conditions. Treatments such as HIFU, Lasers, Skinbooster are excellent treatments to improve skin.

Some facial may also include massage as part of the overall experience.

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Facial Treatment Singapore

Bio Aesthetic Medical Spa offers premium facial with over 500+ five stars reviews on Google. Specialising in sensitive and acne skin, we have over 10 years experience in treating all kinds of skin issues.

We offer a range of facial treatment Singapore to target all skin types. Our range of bespoke facial will ensure skin renewal and skin brightening.

hydrafacial peel - facial treatment singapore

Hydrafacial MD

Crowned as “the only facial you will ever need“, HydraFacial is a non-invasive, deep pore cleansing facial.

Effective treatment to cleanse, exfoliate & extract the impurities. This premium facial is suitable for sensitive skin and infuse serum rich in antioxidants, peptides & hyaluronic acid.

Suitable for:

Dull Skin, Dry Skin, Oily Skin, Acne Skin, Aging Skin & Sensitive Skin

Acne Facial Peel

Chemical peel is an effective acne face treatment. It can penetrate deep into skin laters to dissolve acne causing bacteria. Expect a more even-toned, luminous complexion.

Suitable for age spots, freckles, or whatever discoloration you’d like to get rid of, as well as acne or wide pores.

Suitable for:

Acne Skin, Oily Skin

salicylic acid acne facial peel - facial treatment singapore
lactic brightening peel - facial treatment singapore

Lactic Acid Peel

Lactic acid peels smooth the skin by removing the top layer. Effective to treat acne and wrinkles, it is appropriate for sensitive skin due to moderate acid content.

Lactic acid is often recommended as the best AHA exfoliant for sensitive skin since it is milder than glycolic acid. Expect skin that is brighter and clearer.

Suitable for:

Sensitive skin, Oily skin, Acne skin, Dull skin

Skin Hydrating Booster

Hydrating booster an excellent facial treatment t0 replenish the lost nutrients and prolonged skin hydration.

Hyaluronic acid will be introduced under skin layer to promote new collagen and elastin.

Suitable for:

Aging Skin, Dry Skin, Dull Skin, Acne Scars, Oily Skin

skin hydrating booster - facial treatment singapore
BB glow - facial treatment singapore

BB Glow

The technique behind Korean glass skin is BB Glow. Skin colour ampoules are infused 1mm deep under your skin for brightening and rejuvenating effect.

BB Glow has the ability to boost cell regeneration and production. To increase suppleness, rejuvenate aged cells. Expect to see visible skin whitening, brightness, and wrinkle reduction.

Suitable for:

Dull skin, Acne Scars, Dry Skin

LED Light Facial

LED therapy is a  facial treatment that employs different wavelengths of light, such as red and blue.

Depending on the skincare condition, we employ red or blue light frequencies during LED treatments.

The colour red is utilised for anti-aging, whereas the colour blue is utilised to cure acne.

Suitable for:

Aging Skin, Dull Skin, Acne Scars, Oily Skin

Led light facial - facial treatment singapore

Facial Treatment Singapore Price 2023

Facial treatment price varies greatly because each spa provides different signature facials.

Do not fall for gimmicky $38 facial as you might end up paying a larger sum when you arrive.

It’s vital to choose a reputable spa with good recommendations since the focus is on treating your skin problem rather than using high-pressure sales methods.

We believe in pricing transparency at Bio Aesthetic Medispa, and we never use high-pressure sales tactics.

The cost of a facial is determined by the ingredients used and the cost of the equipment. Some face machines cost anywhere from $30,000 and $80,000.


Hydrafacial MD $150 $68
BB Glow $298 $180
Salicylic Acne Peel $128 $68
Lactic Acid Peel $128 $68
Skin Hydrating Booster $498 $298
LED Light Facial $128 $68

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Affordable Facial Singapore

At Bio Aesthetic Medispa, we believe in price transparency and we do not practise hard sales tactics.

We have over 1000+ five stars reviews on Google and Facebook to back up our treatments. Contact us today for a bespoke facial experience.

We offer facial treatment Singapore in Orchard and Tampines. Contact us today to make an appointment.

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