What are the steps of Opsis Antitox Eye Lift?

The main ingredient in Opsis Eye Lift is the Eye Antitox technology , a powerful cocktail of antioxidants and active ingredients that specialises in addressing issues and sensitivity of the eye contour.

The treatment starts with an eye cleansing gel to thoroughly clean the eye contour area from dirt and make-up. Antitox eye serum will be applied and massaged lightly until absorbed. The treatment continues with an eye latex mask to smooth wrinkles and increase elasticity in the eye contour. Lastly Antitox eye cream & eye serum will be infused through a lymphatic massage.

 The effects of Eye Antitox are a synergistic combination of the active ingredients to protect the skin tissue from free radicals, deter lipid peroxidation caused by UV radiation, reduce erythema, tighten and brighten the skin safely.


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