What is SHR Hair Removal?

SHR Hair Removal is a more advanced hair removal method that employs a low-energy, rapid-pulse and higher frequency.

The quick pulses allows the skin to be gently heated with 50% of energy absorbed by the skin. 50% of the energy is directed at melanin, and 50% is directed at the stem cells responsible for hair formation.

As a result, both fine and coarse hairs can be eliminated by SHR. The overall treatment is less painful and more effective. It is advisable to shave the day before or immediately before the hair removal treatment to maximize the effectiveness of the SHR procedure.

Customers with sensitive skin can also benefit from SHR hair removal as there is less trauma and irritation on the skin. Due to its technology, SHR is typically considered one of the best laser hair removal treatments in Singapore. SHR hair removal is a great choice for Brazilian Hair Removal as it is gentler than traditional method such as IPL.

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